Monday, June 9, 2014

Why do we need a sexercise book?

Why do we need a sexercise book? Simply because today we don’t have enough time to go to the gym and to work on our fitness, and because, it’s a lot more pleasant having sex than pumping iron in a sweaty gym! Plus, sex is at least 50% of a relationship, and having a healthy sex life is of the utmost importance.

Truth be told that sexercise isn’t something new. There were a couple of books published starting the 1970s, that wasn’t the right moment for them. However, today, it is. The bad thing about those books was that they were highly influenced by that time’s take on life, meaning that they combine a very high techie and medical perspective with a very hippie one. Those books are more inclined to showing you how to properly stretch before sex and how to have a tantric approach to love making that helps you burn some calories. But, who wants that? We want a sexercise book that’s telling us how to have sex in the best positions that burn the most calories so that we can get fit fast and doing something that we love.

Let’s face it! Today, everybody wants to be fit! And all those diets, and pills, and exercises, and various workout devices are simply a waste of money! Why? Well, because diets are so harsh that once you finished the diet you go back to your old habits and you put on more weight than you lost. Pills because they mainly  act as a diuretic, meaning they help you get out the water in your body, dehydrating you, which means visible results on the scale but not in the mirror! And the devices you see on TV all day long, well, those are pretty good, but still, they imply a rigorous workout routine which is downright boring and tedious!

So, why do we need a sexercise book? Well, because we want to get fit, we want to lose weight, and we don’t want to do so by spending money on tons of products that don’t really work that well and do us more harm than good. We want a sexercise book that helps us get fit through sex, without side effects, without starving, without sweating in a smelly gym 1 hour a day!

But the question is, is there such a sexercise book? 

What I found really helpful, and it inspired me to start this blog, was one particular book that makes all of the other books on the topic seem like children's play. That book is a Kindle Ebook called Sexercise: Lose weight and get fit through sex. You can find it here:

I highly recommend it as it is THE BOOK that helped me not only improve my sex life, but get in a fantastic shape! You can read my review of the book here.

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