Saturday, April 26, 2014

E-book review: Sexercise Lose Weight And Get Fit Through Sex

I started getting an interest in sexercise after seeing Kylie Minogue’s Sexercise video, and that’s how I came upon the “Sexercise - Lose weight and Get Fit Through Sex” kindle e-book. I really wanted to know what sexercise is.

I checked out several other kindle books, but that one was the one that seemed to be exactly what I was after. No more fancy aerobics and things like that! I wanted actual sexercises that I can use when making love! After I checked out the sexercise book’s preview I saw that it was exactly what I needed. You see, I loved the fact that you get actual sex positions that you can use immediately. So, I decided that the book is good enough to worth the investment - after all, a coffee cup is more expensive!

It’s a really easy to read sexercise book, and you have sexercises for him, for her and for the couple. I need to say that reading was the easy part, putting it all into practice was trickier, because I really didn’t want to scare my partner. Nevertheless, I started with the recommended exercises and I didn’t rush things.
I’ll come clean and say that after the first sexercise routine I was dead tired. My muscles were sore, just like they should be after working out. I found that this is a good sign, and I said that I need to carry on. And this is how my sexercise journey began. Slowly I started becoming more strong and had more stamina and my partner wasn’t the one who kept asking for more. She loved the change and wanted to know what got into me. I told her that I found this amazing book that lets you get fit through sex, and she was psyched. She wanted to give it a go as well, and we started sexercising together. And it was great. I mean, I have to say that if before our love life was a bit boring, it suddenly became better. But, of course, I’m sure that you want to know about the results.

I lost about 3 kilos in the first month and my abs started to really show after three months. My partner was the first one to notice it. I will admit that I was never fat, but a bit out of shape and I needed a bit of working out. And I found just what I needed in that sexercise book. My girlfriend lost almost 7 pounds in the first month as well. Those are good results for me as we didn’t really had to alter our habits at all - just have sex. After about three months, both me and here were in an amazing shape, we were really great looking and we had enough energy to start going to the gym together.

All in all, I have to say that the “Sexercise - Lose weight and Get Fit Through Sex” is one of the best self-help and fitness manuals that I have ever found, and that it gave my relationship the new life that we were waiting for. My girlfriend and I are now not only fit, but we also have a great sex life and we couldn’t be happier with our relationship. One of the best investments ever made in an e-book.


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